Kasher Dogtag Dabit Necklace


Rep the Kasher not only on your lighter, but also on your person! This is no ordinary piece of jewelry, it serves multiple functions as well as being pretty stinkin' cool.

Kasher Dogtag Dabit Necklace is a functional piece of jewelry. Hide your tools in plain sight!

Kasher Dogtag Dabit Necklace

The Kasher Dogtag Dabit Necklace is a comfortable and stylish accessory that features a black Kasher shield on a green background. The reverse has a sleek brushed metal look. It has a removable stainless steel tool that is held in place magnetically.

Just like your favorite lighter tool, this necklace has various and unexpected uses.

Looking for a titanium tool? Check out our Kasher Titanium!

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