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Kasher Questions, Quick Answers

When & Why was Kasher Created?

Smokers are always searching for something pointy to poke and clean their smoking devices. In winter 2008, a simple yet effective solution came to mind, and by the following summer the Kasher was released to market. Kasher was created to save millions of smokers around the world from burning their fingertips, ruining bobby-pins, and searching for paper-clips to kash their bowls. The Kasher makes this task quick and clean – but numerous other uses have been discovered, making Kasher the ultimate multipurpose lighter-attachment tool.

Can Retailers and Distributors Sell Kashers?

Absolutely! We currently have retailers in all 50 US states, Canada, and now 31 stores in Australia! Don’t miss out on having these profitable products in your inventory. Kashers are a great impulse item for any store due to their small footprint & powerful word of mouth effects. They have great margins and profits; It’s really a no-brainer!  The most common answer to the question “where did you hear about us?” is.. “our customers have been asking for Kashers by name.”  Get Kasher products into your store today by calling us toll free at 1-866-727-2256, our Portland, Oregon based office 503-444-7984 or email

Can Individuals Resell Kashers?

Yes, individuals who want to make some extra cash are welcome to purchase Kashers in bulk to resell them as standalone units. We’ll even give you a price break! Order a box of 50 and start selling Kashers!

Any Affiliate Rewards for Advertising?

Sure! Advertise us on your website with a Kasher banner and benefit! Earn 10% of our sales that stem from your website. Contact us for other specials we have for our affiliates: 1-866-727-2256

What is the Kasher?

The Kasher is a revolutionary multi-purpose tool that fits snugly over a lighter. Kashers are stainless steel, easily cleaned, and always at your fingertips when needed. Kashers work with all types of materials including glass, wood, plastic and metal. This sophisticated lighter attachment tool will help to make any smoker’s “tasks” quicker and easier, but you will also discover the Kasher’s handiness for numerous general, non-smoking uses on a daily basis.

How Do I Use a Kasher?

Simply slide the Kasher down the lighter and you’re ready to scrape, stir, smash, kash, and more!

What are Tobacco Related Uses for Kasher?

Use the Kasher to:

  • Prepare hand pipes
  • Stir & turn while smoking
  • Clear hand pipes or bowls
  • Pack the tip of a roll-your-own
  • And more…be creative!

What are NON-Smoking Uses for Kasher?

You’ll always be finding new & random uses for your Kasher. It’s great for daily tasks such as:

  • Opening packages
  • Removing staples
  • Cleaning your dashboard
  • Pressing the re-set button on electronic devices
  • Medical applications
  • And a whole lot more!

Any Other Kasher Benefits?

Owning a Kasher allows you to personalize your lighter in a functional and purposeful way. With this great tool attachment, you won’t let your lighter out of sight & will avoid the accidental slip into others’ pockets. Kashers are available in different colors, providing all sorts of Kasher/Lighter color combinations so you can pick your favorites and distinguish your lighter from your friends’.