Kasher Mini

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Showing all 5 results

Kasher Mini: The Ultimate Mini Bic Lighter Case and Tool

The Kasher Mini Bic Lighter Case saves space and provides a infinitely useful on-the-go tool.

Bic Mini Measurements
Bic Mini length, width, height.

What are the dimensions of a Mini Bic Lighter?

Mini Bic Lighter Measurements in inches:
Length: Just under 2.5 inches (2 7/16″).
Width: About 7/8 inches (27/32″)
Height: Just under .5 inches in height (7/16″)

The Kasher Mini Bic Lighter Case fits very closely, protruding barely 1/16″.
It’s small, and it’s strong. It will help you access tough to reach areas.
Easily poke and scrape with this nifty little tool.

How much does a Mini Bic Lighter Weigh?
It weighs .407 oz by itself, and a fraction more with a Kasher.

This one is a great addition to your arsenal if you need something cute and compact to cut the crap.

Only you know how to best use the Kasher, but it can also serve as a:

-Wireless router reset (if you’ve ever tried, you know how tiny and annoying that button is)
-Nail Care Tool
-Letter Opener