Kasher Eklipse

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  • Kasher Eklipse is made to equip your Clipper™ lighter. It has the same great functionality of our Kasher OG and Plus, but is now made to fit round lighters. Share your 10-pack with your friends! Available with our iconic Kasher Shield engraving and in black and blue.

  • For all of you sustainable Clipper lovers, we present you the Kasher Eklipse 5-Pack! Keep all of your Clippers covered with this nifty pack of five.

  • Kasher Klipper is made to equip your Clipper™ lighter. Same great functionality all Kashers bring to the table; now made to fit round lighters. Available in black and blue!

  • Help your customers equip their round lighters without taking too much space near the register. Included in this clip-strip are 6 Klipper blister packs, each with 2 Kashers within for a total of 12 Kashers. These 2-packs retail for $8.00 each.