OG Kasher

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  • The ORIGINAL Kasher is a multi-purpose tool that fits snugly over any regular size Bic lighter. Simply slide OG down and you're ready to use the Kasher in many ways!

  • OG Kasher is the ORIGINAL Kasher. This versatile tool fits snugly over any Bic lighter. Simply slide OG down and you're ready to use in many ways! Buy a 10-Pack and share some with friends!

  • OG Kasher 5-pack

    $20.00 $18.99

    Love your Kasher? Why not get a few more to make your odd jobs a little easier? Get the silver OG Kasher in a 5-pack and spread the love.

  • Ready to stock the World's favorite lighter tool? Buy an OG Kasher bulk pack of 50 and discover the profitability of Kashers for yourself. This versatile, visually appealing poker tool is also portable, durable and easily cleaned. Small footprint, big margins!

  • Custom Kasher OG


    Laser engraving your logo on Kashers gets your name directly in the hands of your potential customers! targets your demographic and helps you stand out from the competition word of mouth marketing, friends of purchasee see your name great for marketing campaigns, promotional events, festivals, and more provides an inexpensive way to grab your customer's attention Minimum…