Roll Your Own

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  • The clear glass tobacco taster and container will allow you to take a short smoke break, and leave the smell outside. If you're someone who is looking to cut down on your tobacco use, or would just prefer to smoke a little bit each break, t clear glass tobacco taster allows you to take a…

  • Tommy Chong *Limited Edition* King Size Cone Roller Roll cone-shaped cigarettes with ease, like the master himself!

  • 3 King Size Pre-Rolled Cones. Simply fill, spark, smoke.

  • You party? Cop these Party Size Pre-Rolled Cones for your next fiesta and surprise your guests! Simply fill, spark, and enjoy.

  • Are you ballin' out of control? Bring one of these fatty Super-Size cones filled with your favorite strain to your next function and spread the wealth!  It won't go unnoticed, we guarantee it! Simply fill, spark, and enjoy :)  

  • You better be ballin' and you better have a team ready in order to take one of these down! Show up to your next function with one of these Mega Size cones and be the center of attention, while spreading the love.

  • The Dutch Rolling Company Futurola has outdone themselves with these slow-burning King Sized Rolling Papers. They are made from the finest paper and organic Arabic gum.