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  • Save money on a 3-pack of our hottest selling product, The Kasher Titanium! Regular price = $90 3-Pack Bulk Special: $79.99 Perfect for on-the-go! Note* Please confirm upon checkout in "message to merchant" what type of metal finish you would like (polished or sandblasted). For example, "2 polished & 1 sandblasted".

  • The new look, new logo, and a GOLD engraving! Fully sandblasted for a matte finish! It’s finally here, the Kasher made from 100% Pure Titanium! Lightweight & Strong Sandblasted finish GOLD laser engraving

  • It's finally here, the Kasher made from 100% Pure Titanium! Stands up to extreme temperatures Lightweight & Strong Sandblasted tip Full sandblasted version also available with matte finish*

  • Mini Kashers are made specifically to equip your Mini Bic lighter. Same great Kasher, smaller size. These stainless steel multi-purpose tools are available in 4 colors; blue, black, silver, and gold!

  • The Kasher Plus is a multipurpose tool that fits snugly around standard BIC lighters.  We've made the metal nearly twice as thick, and the Kasher Plus comes in great new colors including blue, green, black, and gold. Snag this great on-the-go tool! *lighter not included

  • The ORIGINAL Kasher is a multi-purpose tool that fits snugly over any regular size Bic lighter. Simply slide OG down and you're ready to use the Kasher in many ways!

  • Kasher Mini 5-pack

    $20.00 From: $17.99

    5 of the cutest little Kashers you will ever see! The Kasher Mini is smaller than the regular Bic Kashers, but they still pack a punch.  

  • Our best selling pack! Get 5 Kasher Pluses for a discounted rate. Don't go without your handy Kasher! Get a few backups to spread around.

  • Kasher Eklipse is made to equip your Clipper™ lighter. It has the same great functionality of our Kasher OG and Plus, but is now made to fit round lighters. Share your 10-pack with your friends! Available with our iconic Kasher Shield engraving and in black and blue.

  • This little Kasher is made specifically to equip your Bic Mini lighter. Buy a 10-pack and pass some out to your friends - Kashers make awesome gifts! Same great Kasher, smaller size. Available in blue, black, silver, green, and gold.

  • Kasher Plus lets you choose your favorite lighter tool in blue, green, black and now GOLD as alternatives to the classic OG Kasher. With all sorts of Kasher/Bic color combinations possible, easily distinguish your lighter from your friends'.

  • OG Kasher is the ORIGINAL Kasher. This versatile tool fits snugly over any Bic lighter. Simply slide OG down and you're ready to use in many ways! Buy a 10-Pack and share some with friends!