Kasher Eklipse 10-Pack


Kasher Eklipse is made to equip your Clipper® Lighter. It has the same great functionality of our Kasher OG and Plus, but is now made to fit round lighters. Share your 10-pack with your friends!

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kasher Eklipse Lighter Tools

Lighters Not Included.



Kasher Eklipse 10-Pack

Clipper® lighters are a sustainable, because they are refillable. Producing less plastic equates to a smaller footprint. They do not have a metal “safety” strip, and take about the same amount of space as a Bic. Our Kasher Eklipses further add to a Clipper® Lighter or Vape Pen (with 1600 MAH battery) sustainability by providing a tool that can get into tough-to reach cracks, saving you from wasting tooth picks, paper clips, or bobby pins while you’re cleaning. Get the Kasher Eklipse 10-Pack to equip yours and your friends Clippers and save the world, one lighter at a time!

Stash your Kashers where they’ll come in handy most: in your backpack, purse, car, or just at home. Better yet, share the novelty and pass some out to your friends! Comes in black and blue.

Packaged with Care

All 10 of your Kasher Eklipses are packed with care by human hands in Portland, Oregon. *Lighters not included.


Kasher Eklipse Lighter Tool ArcKasher Eklipse Clipper Lighter Poker Inside ViewKasher Eklipse Clipper Lighter Tool 2-Pack packaging

Additional information

Weight .3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .6 in



Kasher Color

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