Mix & Match 10-pack Bundles + FREE PIPE N KASHER

$74.99 $107.98
Select your matching Pipe and Kasher color!:

Bundle our bundles by getting two 5-packs of Kashers! That's right, 5 Kashers Classics for BIC Lighters and 5 Kasher 360's for CLIPPERS Lighters - to cover both of the worlds most popular lighters and the best lighter tools on the market, and here's the best part - GET A FREE Pipe N' A Kasher on-the-go smokers kit (a $30 dollar value!).

Travel the high road with these limited edition Kasher Pipes w/ matching Kasher Classic Kits! Perfect to take anywhere, anytime. The Kasher Pipes are made from high-quality borosilicate and have built in glass screens, topped with a beautiful GOLD Kasher logo decal baked onto the glass.

*No lighters are included with the 5-pack bundles, just the Kashers. Assorted color 5 packs only. But pick your favorite color out for your FREE PIPE and matching FREE KASHER that comes with a FREE BIC LIGHTER along with two different five-packs of the World's favorite toker poker, the KASHER!

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