Art Meets Function

Sleek and aesthetic, this handy lighter tool slides directly onto a lighter, making it a convenient choice when shopping for Bic® lighter accessories, Mini Bic® lighter accessories, or Clipper® lighter accessories. The Kasher™ lighter tool offers more functionality than typical lighter sleeves or lighter covers. It is strong but lightweight and fits easily onto a lighter, with a number of important features:

•     The patented design maintains a snug fit on a lighter while also sliding easily up and down.

•     The Kasher’s low profile keeps it from snagging in pockets, purses, or pouches.

What is a Kasher?

What does a Kasher lighter tool do

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Featured Product: KASHER METALLIC

It has the strength, durability, and sleek aesthetic that you can expect from our hardened stainless steel lighter tools. 

It’s a refillable combination, weighted in your hand, and has an unmistakable style that would make any lighter thief hesitant. 


Love them!! Absolutely The Best!
I have at least three around in case one gets lost. Can't always find them around here so I stock up. Love them!
This is one of those awesome things that you can’t live without once you try it out. It serves more than the advertised uses. It helps me identify my lighter so nobody can take it. It helps me open up boxes.
Great universal product.
I've used a Kasher for years and you will hardly ever see me without one. Best lighter tool on the market by far so many uses. 5 stars for sure.