Art Meets Function

Sleek and aesthetic, this handy lighter tool slides directly onto a lighter, making it a convenient choice when shopping for Bic® lighter accessories, Mini Bic® lighter accessories, or Clipper® lighter accessories. The Kasher™ lighter tool offers more functionality than typical lighter sleeves or lighter covers. It is strong but lightweight and fits easily onto a lighter, with a number of important features:

•     The patented design maintains a snug fit on a lighter while also sliding easily up and down.

•     The Kasher’s low profile keeps it from snagging in pockets, purses, or pouches.

What is a Kasher?

What does a Kasher lighter tool do

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I just thought you should know, my friends and I all love the kashers and my girlfriend wants one for Christmas. They really are a simple tool that makes a huge difference. Since I got my first one at hempfest everyone I smoke with has bought one. You are revolutionaries.
Joey Crofts
Kashers are one of those rare masterpiece genious inventions that change lives. Thank You!!!
Richard A. Bartholomew
This product is awesome. I am honestly so glad you guys exist. My friend introduced me to these and they are perfect. I wasn't sure who to thank, because they are so simple yet they work so well. The Kasher has honestly saved me in so many situations and I love it.
Griffin Wells
I LOVE the K+ I got at the Pre-Cannabis Cup Party! I'll be getting a few more for friends and family 🙂
Brenna Tidwell
I just wanted to thank you guys so much for creating such an awesome smoking tool. I use my Kasher all the time and am about to invest in another one! Keep up the great work and know you have a customer for life!
August Erickson