• For all of you sustainable Clipper lovers, we present you the Kasher Eklipse 5-Pack! Keep all of your Clippers covered with this nifty pack of five.

  • The sleek silver Kasher OG lighter tool makes your lighter into a strong, adaptable tool. Weighing in at about .3 oz, and protruding 1mm out from your lighter's body, your Kasher lighter tool will encumber neither you or your pocket space. Simply slide it down for use, and see where it'll come in handy next.

  • The Kasher Plus is a multipurpose tool that fits snugly around standard BIC lighters.  We've made the metal nearly twice as thick, and the Kasher Plus comes in great new colors including blue, green, black, and gold. Snag this great on-the-go tool! *lighter not included

  • Our best selling pack! Get 5 Kasher Pluses for a discounted rate. Don't go without your handy Kasher! Get a few backups to spread around.

  • I absolutely love my kasher! 🙂 Thank you again!

    Shelby C.

  • Soo simple and GENIUS!!

    Gustavo G.

  • Can’t wait to get my first ever order of the K+ in black. These will make life so much easier.

    Eric P.

  • Love the product and apparently someone else did so much that they stole mine lol

    Samantha D.

  • I love the product guys. Any chance of any holiday coupon codes? I’d love to get some Kashers for my buddies.

    Johnathan F.

  • My girlfriend found a Kasher in between her couch cushions. Your products are amazingly simple and useful, cant imagine my life without it now, Thanks!

    Alex D.

  • Kasher is such a neat tool. I wish I thought of this idea myself!

    Muhammed Q.

  • Love the Kasher ! Keep doing it, where can I buy one of your lighters, with the logo?

    Tim T.

  • Kashers are one of those rare masterpiece genius inventions that change lives. Thank You!!!

    Richard B.

  • You guys rock! It cost me 5 hours of scrubbing shitty toilets at Canadian tire, but you guys are boss! Totally worth it! Thanks so much yo! Alice in Wonderland merchandise is […]

    Amy M.

  • I love all your products and can’t wait to see what u have in the future

    Shane G.

  • Hello, I have been a long time fan and user of the Kasher, perhaps even may write a coffee table book, “151 ways on how to use your Kasher.” I recently moved […]

    James T.

  • I’ve been a part of the Kasher family for years now. We’ve just recently started using Clipper lighters and I can’t use a lighter without a Kasher so my girlfriend ordered me […]

    Angie D.

  • I really really like the Kasher! I want this tool… But i live in Germany… Is there any possibility to get one in Germany?  Greetings from the other side of the Planet […]

    Franz Z.

  • I was given 2 Kasher’s about 3 years ago from a friend… best gift ever! I’ve had it this whole time, lost it a couple times – it returned! And ran it […]


  • You guys are the best I love your product’s. I will most definitely be a returning costumer, and well recommend your product’s to the people I know again thanks greatly appreciated.

    Douglas S.

  • This product is awesome. I am honestly so glad you guys exist. My friend introduced me to these and they are perfect. I wasn’t sure who to thank, because they are so […]

    Griffin W.

  • These things are the best. I found a Kasher in a shop and after owning one I immediately bought a few more to make sure I always have one. I show them […]


  • I found mine on the side of a road attached to a broken bic. It was crushed, and originally black. But here it is 2 years later, best tool I ever found.

    Bryan R.

  • The Kasher has changed my life. I am a proud owner of every color and I show them off every chance I get. Thank you Kasher!!

    Chad M.

  • These things are the bomb. Stocking up on some more! Thanks for creating something with so much yes attached to it.  

    Alex R.

  • Thank you dudes and dudettes! Still using my first kasher from 2 years ago!  

    Kiran G.

  • I bought a OG Kasher over 3 years ago in Downtown Seattle…I can’t live without it. Best tool ever.

    Nick R.

  • I LOVE the K+ I got! I’ll be getting a few more for friends and family 🙂

    Brenna T.

  • No shops around me sell Kashers and my friend got one in her burn box and I have been obsessed with it ever since! Unfortunately no smoke shops around me seem to […]

  • Love your company, I can’t live without my kasher!


  • We would love to carry your products in our stores, lot of people ask about your products on a daily basis so please let me know what we can do to get […]

    Conner B.

  • I just want to say that my friend gave me a kasher about a year ago. Well, I lost it the other day. I loved that thing. I used it every single […]

    Tyler B