Cheech & Chong Kasher Necklace

Metallic Lighter Style:

Cheech & Chong Kasher Necklace comes in gold, and lighters come in either: glossy gold, brushed gold, ICY, brushed silver, or glossy silver. 

Keep your spark close to your heart! Great for festivals, concerts, camping, sparking a sesh, parties, event invites, VIP membership invites, and so much more. 

These are guaranteed to turn some heads and attract some eyeballs! And you can't go wrong with Cheech & Chong!

*The ICY Metallic lighter shown in the pics is just so show what a gold Kasher looks like on an ICY Metallic Clipper lighter (the engraving design will be Cheech & Chong).

**The Metallic Clippers no longer have the adjustable wheel at the bottom. This was a decision made by CLIPPER - we have no voice or opinion in this decision.



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