Rasta Lion


$7.99 WITHOUT BIC® Lighter • $9.99 WITH BIC® Lighter

*lighters come in assorted colors

The Rasta Lion Kasher lighter tool comes in 2 styles for standard Bic lighters: Gold and Black. Black features the outline of the graphic, while gold features the filled version. Different fonts on the back, same words. Available as a standalone Kasher or Kasher assembled on a lighter.

Kasher lighter tool is made to fit snugly on a Bic lighter. It is approximately .8mm thick, and has an arced tip (bottom of Kasher) to enforce the structural integrity and to improve the ability to clean a curved surface.

If you are purchasing a BIC lighter, the lighters come in assorted colors. Kasher complements any lighter color, and drastically improves its functionality. Advised to use on a lighter without plastic sheet.

Poke, stir, clean, stuff, punch with ease! The Kasher Lighter Tool's uses are only limited by the imagination.

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