"Art Meets Function"®

PATENTED COOL: Sleek and aesthetic, this handy lighter tool slides directly onto a lighter, making it a convenient choice when shopping for BIC® lighter accessories, Mini BIC® lighter accessories, or Clipper® lighter accessories. The Kasher® lighter tool offers more functionality than simple lighter sleeves or lighter covers. It is strong but lightweight and fits easily onto a lighter, with a number of important features:
  • The patented design maintains a snug fit on a lighter while also sliding easily up and down.
  • The Kasher’s low profile keeps it from snagging in pockets, purses, or pouches.

SIMPLE OPERATION: When you want to use the Kasher™, just slide it down the lighter to extend it to its operational position.

OPTIONS: The stylish Kasher comes in stainless steel or titanium metals that make it stand out from other lighter accessories.  Choose from multiple color options and metal finishes to suit your style.

MyKasher.com also allows companies to customize Kashers with their own personalized logo or design.  

USES: Pipes, cigars, bowls, whatever, the Kasher™ is there when you need it.

The Kasher’s design features a thick and durable metal tip that resists bending or breaking. It can be used to open letters and packages, or cut shipping tape. It can also be used as a cigar punch, or to poke holes in other materials. The Kasher deploys with just one hand, and always remains close to you – on your lighter.

Always at your fingertips, this multipurpose lighter tool will help to make any tasks quicker and easier. End the search for a doo-dad, and equip your lighter with a Kasher™. Here are a few common uses:


A KASHER can be used to clean various pipes and other smoking and non smoking devices.


No more loose tips on your pre-rolls or roll-your-owns. KASHER makes it quick and easy to pack ends  large and small.


Impress your buddies with one of KASHER’S many uses. Cigar punch/poker has a verity of uses.


Use your KASHER to open all those Amazon boxes waiting for you at your doorstep when you get home. leave the cooking knives in the drawer ; )