Angela Mazzanti Rolling Tray

Rolling Tray Package:
Color: None

Get a standalone tray, or pair it with special edition Angela Mazzanti Kasher lighter tools.

*Lighters come in assorted colors

The new special addition Angela Mazzanti Rolling Tray is finally here!  Get the tray or add Kashers with your purchase.

Angela Mazzanti Rolling Tray

The size of the new Mazzanti Tray is 7" length and 5.5" width. This aluminum tray comes in pink with Angela Mazzanti on the front.

Angela Mazzanti Tray with Kasher Lighter Tools and Bic Lighters

The Kasher

Comes in blue and black with both sides engraved. One side features her logo/signature, while the other is a rendition of her badass stomach tattoo.


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