Kasher MINI


Made to fit Mini Bic® Lighters.

$5.99 WITHOUT Bic® Lighter 

* Lighters come in assorted colors.

Are you a fan of Mini Bic® lighters? Check out our Kasher® Mini to fit! Same great Kasher, only smaller in size.

A Tiny Poker for the Smallest Bic® Lighter

"I'm small, but I'm strong" - RHCP

Kasher Mini

This lighter tool is nice and compact, taking up less space in your pockets. You can choose from all of the available colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, or Turquoise. Stash them where they'll come in handy most: in your backpack, purse, car, or just at home. Better yet, share the novelty and pass some out to your friends!

Packaged with Care

We're a small business. Therefore, every Kasher is packaged in Portland, Oregon.

Looking for a different style? Check out our Sacred Geometry Kasher Plus Lighter Tools.

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