Private Label: Black Kasher Classic Lighter Tool on a Bic Lighter, and a Blue Kasher 360 on a Clipper Lighter. Each engraved with "Your Logo Here" on their Stainless Steel Front. Color options & engraving colors of Kasher lighter tools in colors including black, blue, gold, green, and silver.

What to expect with the custom Kasher process:

  1. Submit your logo and order specifications in the form above.
  2. We will send digitally imposed mockups to your email for approval.
  3. After approval, production is commenced the 15th of each month. 

Payment Terms:

50% deposit, or full payment is required to start work. Pay in full to enter production. Delivery time is an estimated 6-8 weeks after production. 

Bic Lighters and Kasher Tools attached.

What is a Custom Kasher? 

The Kasher is a sleek and hardened stainless steel lighter tool made to perfectly hug the body of a Bic or Clipper lighter. Kasher increases the functionality of a lighter by giving it a strong yet thin and versatile extension. 

Take advantage of our high quality laser engraving to transport your logo into the community. It'll be placed on coffee tables and countertops, and thrust into pockets for subsequent use and to share with friends.

Increase your sales with this powerful Word of Mouth marketing initiative today.

Woman holding a Clipper Lighter with a Kasher Lighter Tool Extending to Use as a Poker

What makes Kasher an effective word of mouth marketing tool:

Lighters are one of the TOP 10 items found in peoples’ pockets worldwide. Kasher is an advantage to any lighter by making it both more interesting looking, as well as increasing the functionality in its usage. Its sturdy nature makes it a favorite MacGyver tool amongst smokers young and old. 

For these reasons amongst many, the Kasher is a likely recommendation and gift for friends. It is a top candidate to bring to smoke circles throughout your community and beyond. 

Take advantage of that space with custom engraved Kasher tools with your logo.

One hand giving a Kasher, and the other receiving the Kasher. Kasher Lighter with "Your Logo" engraved on its surface on a red Bic Lighter

Laser engraving your logo on Kashers gets your name directly in the hands of potential customers. 

6 Reasons Custom Kasher Tools are Good for Business

  1. Targets your demographic and helps you stand out from the competition
  2. Word-of-mouth marketing – beats any print or digital ad known to man
  3. People WANT to show their friends their cool new gadget
  4. Great for marketing campaigns, promotional events, festivals, and more
  5. Provides an inexpensive way to promote your brand in your community and beyond.
  6. Used daily! Lasts for years! Taken everywhere; right along with a phone, keys, wallet, purse, etc…

    Kasher Lighter Tool Trumps Print and Digital Advertisement

    Kasher Lighter Tool vs.

    Print/Digital Ads

    Unlimited, Targeted Exposure:
    • Lasting laser engraved logo is continually seen in your area and beyond
    • Shared with potential customers in your area; targeting your exact demographic
    • No additional cost for advertising & clicks
    • Sturdy tool associated with your brand
    Limited Exposure

    • Ads only last while paying
    • Printed pieces are discarded after initial use, if read at all
    • Added cost of pay per click ads don’t spread virally in your area
    • Increased cost for a larger reach
    Word of Mouth

    • People are bombarded with ads, and trust reviews or recommendations over any ad
    • Kashers provide the ‘WOW’ factor needed for word-of-mouth effects to spread, while your brand soaks up the positive reflection
    Cluttered Ad Space

    • Difficult to differentiate your company amongst many other ads clustered on a page or spread.
    • Print advertisement platforms are dying; all digital ads are pay as you go
    Used Daily, Serves as:

    • Business cards & Trade show giveaways
    • Event gifts
    • Specials & Contest prizes
    • In-store promotions (e.g., spend $80 and get a FREE Kasher)
    Infrequent Use/Longevity:

    • Customers can’t use print/digital ads in daily life
    • Usually forgotten after viewing, no long-term use
    • There is no desire to share print or digital ads with your friends


    Looking for stock Kasher tool to wholesale? Fill out our Wholesale Inquiry to shop wholesale directly. 

    Already made up your mind and ready to order custom engraved Kashers? Simply click here to order, then you can either email your logo to or upload it via the form by clicking "get started" above and you will be one step ahead (payment is required to start work on all custom orders).