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Lighters are one of the TOP 10 items found in peoples’ pockets worldwide! Take advantage of that space with custom engraved Kasher tools with your logo!

Laser engraving your logo on Kashers gets your name directly in the hands of your potential customers!

woman with kasher lighter tool
  • Targets your demographic and helps you stand out from the competition
  • Word-of-mouth marketing – beats any print or digital ad known to man
  • People WANT to show their friends their cool new gadget
  • Great for marketing campaigns, promotional events, festivals, and more
  • Provides an inexpensive way to promote your brand in your community and beyond.
  • Used daily! Lasts for years! Taken everywhere; right along with your phone, keys, wallet, purse, etc…


Kasher: Unlimited Exposure
  • Your long-lasting laser engraved logo is continually seen without the need to spend money on additional advertising & clicks
  • Sturdy tool will be associated with your brand

Print/Digital Ads: Limited Exposure

  • Ads only last while paying
  • Print ads are discarded after initial use, if read at all
  • Pay per click ads don’t spread virally in your area
Kasher: Word of Mouth
  • People are bombarded with ads, and trust reviews or recommendations over any ad
  • Kashers provide the ‘WOW’ factor needed for word-of-mouth effects to spread, while your brand soaks up the positive reflection

Print/Digital Ads: Cluttered ad space

  • Difficult to differentiate your company in ads
  • Print ad platforms are dying; all digital ads are pay as you go
Targeted Kasher Ads
  • Seen and used by people in your area and beyond
  • Shared with other smokers and potential customers in your area; targeting your exact demographic
Pay for more print/digital ads
  • More $ for a larger reach
  • Added cost per click
  • Disappear after you stop paying
Kasher is used daily, Serves as:
  • Business cards & Trade show giveaways
  • Event gifts
  • Specials & Contest prizes
  • In-store promotions (e.g., spend $80 and get a FREE Kasher)
Limited Use of print/digital ads
  • Customers can’t use print/digital ads in daily life
  • Usually forgotten after viewing, no long-term use
  • There is no desire to share print or digital ads with your friends


To get your Custom Kasher started we’ll need …

  1. Your logo in vector format (.eps, .ai files etc.) or the highest resolution file you have (.jpeg, .pdf, etc..)
  2. 50% deposit or full payment required to start work. Remaining balance will be charged before we engrave each Kasher to fulfill you order.
  3.  We’ll create several digital mock ups with your artwork so you can see what your custom Kashers will look like before we engrave them and choose which version you like best.
  4.  Your selection and approval of the design to start production.
  5. Final payment for the order and they’ll arrive at your doorstep in 4-6 weeks, or less!

*MOQ: Minimum order quantity is 500 per color and style. Call or email us for prices & quantities. Quantity price breaks available.

Order you Custom Kasher® tools today

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