Kasher CLASSIC 3-Pack

$24.99 $29.97

*BEST SELLER* Buy more, save more. Three standard Kasher lighter tools available with or without lighters. The usual price for each Kasher Classic is 7.99 without lighter, and 9.99 with lighter. This 3-pack deal gives you roughly 16% off of each variation.

Kasher Classic lighter tool is made of high grade stainless steel, and has been crafted to perfectly fit on a Bic® lighter. Slide it down from its resting area (pictured) for assistance with any task that requires a small yet strong poker. Once you have a Kasher, your friends are surely going to want one as well, so you might as well snag a three pack of the best lighter tool on the planet and spread the love! Or if you are feeling generous, check out our 5 and 10 packs... get even more of the greatest lighter tool known to mankind and you'll be rewarded with free shipping to top it off (free shipping on all orders $22 and above). Let's be real, you are going to need more than 3 anyway ;)

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