$7.99 WITHOUT BIC® Lighter • $9.99WITH BIC® Lighter

*lighters come in assorted colors

Astrology is a language which speaks to the season of one's life, and the zodiac can help a person set terms and parameters to seemingly happenstance occurrences.

Special Edition KASHER Sagittarius lighter tool in Zodiac Collection

Fulfill your pragmatic needs with this multifunctional and dynamic tool, while also having a complementary reminder of celestial influence.

This special edition zodiac KASHER lighter tool fits a regular BIC® lighter. It rests on the body of the lighter and slides down for use.

New Curved Tip on all new KASHER Lighter Tools

This arc makes the KASHER fit even closer to the body of the lighter it adorns. It also increases the structural integrity of this seamless multi-tool.


In addition to this design improvement, we have also increased the thickness of the attachment, and are sourcing harder stainless steel.

These are the strongest, sleekest KASHER lighter tools yet!

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