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Promotional products help create a unique advertising opportunity for companies. Allowing recipients of your promotional products to try them out first can act as an endorsement when they spread the word to other people about your brand or product. They also form a positive association between a product and the company. Marketing research indicates people will recall an advertiser from a promotional product they’ve received in the last 12 months 76.1% of the time.  The same study group will recall an advertiser they had seen in a print or copy marketing piece only 53.5% of the time based on an exposure from the last week not within the last year.  This yields a 43% increase in branding imaging over a single year span.

Illuminati Promotional Products

Using promotional products in marketing campaigns or giveaways can yield success over traditional paper methods that can end up in the trash can.  When your product advertising is useful, it creates a positive brand association in the mind of the user, thereby spreading brand and product awareness.

Kasher Promotional Products

The Kasher lighter accessory comes in stainless steel or titanium finishes and mounts onto any Bic® or Clipper lighter. The newly formed lighter now appears as a custom engraved lighter or personalized lighter that in turn becomes a useful tool for your users.  Choose from several colors and finishes and add your company’s logo for a customized look. The Kasher’s unique design features a strong multipurpose tool that does not bend or break with repeated use.  You may use it to open packaging like boxes or shipping tape.  It may also serve as a punch for materials like leather, cardboard, and fabrics.  With its ability to mount on existing lighters and be deployed with one hand it is also ideal for self-defense in close quarters.

Always at your fingertips, this multipurpose tool helps to make many tasks quicker and easier. The Kasher is ideal for trade show giveaways, inclusion in gift bag ideas, and a valued part of any marketing campaign.  Available with bulk orders.