Gift Bag


Kasher Gift Wrapping $3.50

Printed craft paper bag with white tissue paper.
Kashers will be evenly divided (or as evenly as possible) within the number of bags selected.

If you are sending multiple wrapped packages to multiple addresses, please:
• Increase the gift wrap/ bag quantity to the desired number of packages.
• List the extra addresses (& which Kashers you'd like to send) in the Order Notes on the Cart page.

We will reach out to you within the next business day if there are any problems.

Your Kasher will be packaged in its primary packaging (i.e. blister pack for Classic, 360, & Special edition; box for Titanium, etc.), placed in the craft paper bag, and white tissue paper will top the gift wrap. The gift wrap will then be placed in a cardboard box (with packing peanuts if necessary) and shipped within the next business day.

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