Kasher CLASSIC 5-Pack

$39.99 $49.95

*BEST SELLER* Buy more, save more. FIVE Kasher Classic lighter tools available with or without lighters. The usual price for each Kasher Classic is 7.99 without lighter, and 9.99 with lighter. This 5-pack deal gives you roughly 20% off of each variation.

Kasher Classic lighter tool is made of high grade stainless steel, and has been crafted to perfectly fit on a Bic® lighter. Slide it down from its resting area (pictured) for assistance with any task that requires a small yet strong poker. You're gonna need a Kasher for your car, one at home, one for your pocket/purse, then you'll have two backups, or if you are feeling generous, spread the love and share this magnificent invention with your friends. If you are feeling super generous, check out our Kasher 10-Pack, and really stretch your dollar to the max. It has been scientifically proven by multiple University studies, once you get used to having a Kasher, you can't go without one, so you might as well save some skrilla and stock up!

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