$7.99 WITHOUT BIC® Lighter • $9.99 WITH BIC® Lighter

One-sided laser engraving

*Lighters come in assorted colors

KASHER salutes the amazing people who make up our country’s military.

Special Edition KASHER Helicopter in Military Collection

This KASHER® lighter tool fits a BIC® lighter and features a laser engraving on one side with a helicopter design on a black KASHER.

Support your country, and rock a dynamic tool. Fulfill your crafty smoking needs with this tool; it’ll poke a hell of a bowl.

New Curved Tip on all Military style KASHER Lighter Tools

This arc makes the KASHER® fit even closer to the body of the lighter it adorns. It also increases the structural integrity of this seamless multi-tool.

In addition to this design improvement, we have also increased the thickness of the attachment, and are sourcing harder stainless steel.

These are the strongest, sleekest KASHER® lighter tools yet!

Trying to sport a little KASHER® garb? Check out our sweatshirt design!


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