Kasher KEYCHAIN - Cheech & Chong - Limited Edition


Kasher Keychain is the newest iteration of Kasher products. Too many times, we've gone on a 420-adventure only to find that we'd forgotten the #1 tool, and lighter at home. Why not let Cheech & Chong ride along on every trip with you? Introducing our limited edition Cheech & Chong Kasher Keychains!

Tired of insanely repeating the same action, we decided to adapt our setup - and we're always striving to find the simplest and most straight forward solution to any problem, so we were lead to bundle our smoking tools with other items we frequently travel with.

"But what to bundle?" We asked ourselves, "How does every adventure start?" And the obvious answer...by walking out the front door! Naturally, that door's got to be locked, (even if you live in the saintliest neighborhood, AND have 4 rottweilers out front) so our conclusion was to bundle our keys with our Kasher lighter tool, and lighter.

And so the Kasher Keychain was born. It's quirky, fun, and significantly upgrades a standard keychain with its form and function. Just when you think you are shit out of luck, you remember you have this handy set up on the one thing you can't go anywhere without - your car keys - so it's always with you, and believe us, it has saved the day many times.

This tool and its components are made to be just as tough as all of the other Kasher products – they'll take a beating and bounce back for more. The beautiful glossy gold color will endure some serious mileage before showing a hint of wear, even with its proximity to sharp keys and other knick-knacks that go on a chain. A refillable Clipper lighter comes with every Kasher Keychain purchase.

For those who would prefer to DO rather than PLAN to do, the Kasher Keychain removes a step in your way. Leave with nothing but your wallet, your smoke, your Kasher Keychain-keys, your badass self... and be ready for any 420-opportunity that comes your way.

Never live in infamy for losing your keys - they'll never get lost when they're attached to your Kasher lighter. Consolidate your essentials and save time getting out the door– on your next adventure!

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