Kasher METALLIC - Black & Gold Edition

Kasher Color:

Kasher Upgrades the Next Session with the Metal Clipper ® Lighter 

NEW: This combo is a truly stunning pair. It comes with a heavyweight refillable metal CLIPPER ® lighter and a hardened stainless steel Kasher. You have the option of a Gold top and Black bottom -OR- a Black top and Gold bottom for your Metallic CLIPPER ® lighter. We kept it simple for now: you can either get a black or gold Kasher 360. Let us know if you would like to see other color options!

Product specifications:


  • Colors: Black, Gold
  • Rests comfortably on lighter body, slides down for use


  • Colors: Black top & Gold bottom -OR- Gold top & Black bottom.
  • Refillable: Gas and flint

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