Kasher 6-Pack (Half Classic & Half 360)

$48 $59.99
Kasher 360 - Three Pack Bundle (Lighter):
Kasher CLASSIC 3-Pack (Lighter):

For those who love both BIC and CLIPPER lighters, and want to save on our half & half bundle - You can't go wrong with this 6 pack that includes 3 Kasher Classics and 3 Kasher 360's.

The half & half bundle comes with the option to get lighters or not for each style. CLIPPER lighters are undoubtably harder to find in the US, and BIC's seem to be laying around everywhere, buck ass naked. Help cover your BIC's and stock up on your CLIP's, which come fully clothed with a Kasher 360 lighter tool. 

Kashers are the world's most popular lighter tool; providing unlimited uses right at your fingertips via a sleek, yet extremely versatile design. Never be caught with a naked lighter again; whether you love CLIPPERS or BICS, this half & half Kasher 6-pack, is a bundle that's straight legit.

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